Susannah has traveled all over the world telling stories. She has reported from Baghdad, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Bosnia and elsewhere. Her specialties are in crisis reporting and conflict coverage.

Susannah is available for freelance commissions in Florida, the Caribbean and South America.

All Gone
HAITI_South Florida woman returns to Haiti to bury 19 relatives killed in Tropical Storm Jeanne flooding.

Rebels Wait to Invade Capital
HAITI_A motley band of Haitian rebels patrol a northern city, waiting to invade Port au Prince.

Indian Family Renews a Tradition
COLOMBIA_For generations, the Wayuu Indians of northern Colombia have celebrated the ancient rite of reburying the dead.

200,000 Line Up for Visas in Cuba
CUBA_Spain opens its doors and Cubans in Havana and Miami flood the consulates seeking citizenship.

In Iraq, Kidnapping for Ransom Increasing
BAGHDAD_Hundreds of Iraqi families have quietly suffered kidnappings in recent months.