Susannah has written about hundreds of legal cases, as a reporter for the Miami Herald, the Palm Beach Post and most recently Bloomberg News. She is a skilled researcher, adept at finding the important nugget in a mountain of paper. Susannah is available for freelance commissions writing about or researching legal cases.


Despite Mandate, Few Sex Traffickers Go To Prison

An investigation into the failed efforts to send sex traffickers to prison in Florida, for the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.

Veteran of Iraq War Now Fights His Own Deportation
A veteran has spent the last month in federal lockup because the government wants to deport him. For the New York Times.

Miami’s Master of Divorce
This is the lawyer you don’t want representing your soon-to-be-ex. For Poder Hispanic magazine.

Abe’s Law
Prosecutor Abraham Laeser retires, after sending more men to death row than any other prosecutor in the state.  For the Miami Herald.

The Youngest Victim Testifies
A child victim of a serial rapist faces him in court, describing the adult evil inflicted upon her. For the Miami Herald.

Satanic Trial Begins
Accused murderer represents himself, blaming the killing on demons, and claiming he found God over the weekend. For the Miami Herald.

Court Jester
Legendary Miami defense attorney draws laughs and not-guilty verdicts. For the Miami Herald.

Police Drop Rape Case
Man freed after newspaper reports police misidentified him as his ex-wife’s rapist. For the Miami Herald.

Convicted Con Man Scott Rothstein Tells All!
In an attempt to get his 50-year sentence reduced, Rothstein is naming accomplices and detailing exactly how his scheme worked. For Business Week.

Bank of America Will Pay $228M in Forced-Insurance Accord
Bank of America Corp. agreed to pay $228 million to settle claims the bank overcharged for insurance homeowners were forced to accept when their regular policies lapsed. For Bloomberg News.

Bitcoin Charges Against Miami Man May Proceed, Judge Says
A Florida man can be charged with money laundering in a case involving the use of Bitcoins. For Bloomberg News.

Polo Club Founder Gets August Hearing for Crash Retrial
John Goodman, the Florida polo tycoon whose conviction in the death of a 23-year-old man whose car he slammed into with his Bentley was vacated, is set to appear in court for an Aug. 29 hearing. For Bloomberg News.